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When a death occurs

In the event of a death, it is important to know what to do first, who to inform and how to register the death. There are various steps that need to be taken, and we are here to help.

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At home

If a death occurs at home, your first point of contact will be the doctor of the deceased. They will visit the property and issue a medical certificate of the cause of death. You may be asked to collect this from the doctor’s surgery. Then, you can take this medical certificate to the registrar’s office where a death certificate will be provided. You will then be able to contact us to begin the funeral arrangements.

In a Hospice, Care Home or Hospital

When a death occurs in a hospice, care home or hospital, the staff will liaise with the doctor who will provide the medical certificate. Then, you can take this to the registrar’s office. The deceased will usually be kept in the hospital mortuary until you receive the death certificate, then we can transport them to our funeral home. We can arrange for the repatriation of the deceased from anywhere in Carmarthen.

With a Coroner

If a death is unexpected or a doctor cannot confirm the cause of death, a coroner will be contacted and they may need to carry out an inquest. When a cause of death is established, the coroner will send the medical certificate of death to the registrar’s office. We can help you through this process.

How to register a death

You will need to register the death within 5 working days. You will need to provide:

The documents you will need to provide include the cause of death certificate, medical card, birth certificate and details of any benefits or pension the deceased was receiving. The registrar will provide you with the GRO21 form which we will require to carry out the funeral arrangements.

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