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Funeral Flowers: What Meanings Do Traditional Flowers Have?

Many people know that flowers can have meanings associated with them. This can add an additional layer of personalisation to your chosen flower arrangements for a funeral. Let’s explore which funeral flowers have special meanings.


Perhaps the most commonly known meaning assigned to a flower, is that lilies are associated with death. However, their connection to death isn’t really a morbid one. In fact, lilies are said to symbolise the peace of life after death. Many people include them in their funeral arrangements as a representation of the deceased’s return to innocence. This makes them a very popular choice for funerals. White lilies are most commonly seen at funerals, but you can also use Oriental, stargazer of Casablanca lilies for a similar effect.

Orchids And Roses


Orchids are also a great choice for funeral flowers. They are associated with love and thoughtfulness, which is ideal for such occasions. It is said that these flowers represent your everlasting love for the deceased. A small and beautiful flower, orchids look great both as part of a bouquet and alone.


You often see roses at funerals. When you order custom pieces like letters made of flowers, they are usually made from roses. This is because they have beautiful, vibrant colours. There are many colours to choose from, and while each colour can represent something slightly different, they all symbolise love. This makes them an excellent choice for a funeral flower.


Very common at funerals, gladioli is a beautiful choice of funeral flower. They are said to represent strength and moral values. Because they are tall and have multiple flowers on each stem, you don’t need many to make a statement. There are lots of colours to choose from, and the colour you choose won’t affect the meaning that you’re conveying. For a traditional funeral flower that looks beautiful in any display, gladioli is a great choice.

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